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Handi Quilter Event - Workshops

A Foot Ahead - 80 minutes
Class Description: Handi Quilter’s full lineup of feet give you a lot options for quilting projects. This fun workshop lets you see different ways to incorporate techniques with the all the different feet.
Objective: Learn how to incorporate the use of Handi Feet into your quilting projects.
• The many feet available
• Different applications for the feet
• Changing the feet 9
• Couching
• Attaching binding while on the frame

Not Your Average Orange Peel - 80 minutes
Class Description: Let’s take a classic design – the orange peel – and spice it up in this fun workshop. You’ll learn how to add creative designs to jazz up this basic quilting design.
Objective: Teach the stitching path for the “continuous curve” design that students can then “upskill” the design by jazzing up the centers with additional designs without breaking the thread. See other shapes that create a fun design with the same pathway.
• The basic stitch path of the continuous curve
• Deciding where a continuous line design would fit well
• How to stitch out the design using free motion or rulers
• How to add interest to the centers with basic center designs while not breaking the thread
• How to use other shapes in the same stitch path to change the design

Feather Foundations - 80 minutes
Class Description: Feather designs add a touch of class to any quilt. Learn to draw and stitch these beautiful elements in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary.
Objective: Techniques for creating basic spines, formal and informal feathers
• Basic feather spines 14
• Informal feather
• Formal feather
• Non-back tracking feather
• Using feathers as overall designs

How Do I Quilt It? - 80 minutes
Class Description: Come to this workshop to explore how to create a quilting plan. We’ll look at ways to define the purpose and style of the quilt, build a theme, and choose threads to compliment the piecing of the quilt.
Objective: Gain confidence to create a quilting plan and the tools to accomplish it – collaborative/quilting by committee
• Define quilt purpose
• Quilt style, design, theme
• Thread
• Quilting to compliment the piecing
• Auditioning & resizing quilting design
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Leslie Main

Handi Quilter Event - Workshops

$ 99.00
Sun, Jul 10, 2022 at 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
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